New Websites for Local Business West Midlands

It's not everyday that a business wakes up to learn the fairies have visited in the night and created a new website for their business!

New Business Website by Andrew, 29 Nov 2012.

New Website For Local busines trading 50 years

New Business Website for Local Buisness

Most business owners put off having a new website or using the internet for marketing because of fear.
At least this has been the feedback from customers spanning 14 years says Managing Director of Think Cloud Studio. The most recent website we designed and completed was no different for a local business owner established and known locally for over years.

During the last 10 years he has experienced a significant downtun in business. Which has been attributed to the internet.

Despite knowing the internet is the cause for customers going else where (mainly to businesses found on the internet) nothing was done, (until Think Cloud Studio came along).
It's mainly the fear of not knowing what to do.

Given the number of choices available to use the internet a business it's perfectly understandable why it can be confusing which website designer is the best and which marketing approach is the best.

A simple website design or just a 1 page website is better than no website at the very least it's a step in the right direction.

With the advent of social media it could be argued there is no need for a website at all.
A Google Page or Facebook Page could be enough for most businesses, the real seal of approval and rewards for businesses seeking to grow, would be to marry all these together and attract more customers easily. This is otherwise known as social media marketing
This new website is in a series of three created during the last few weeks. And have include a small starter marketing package to help new business generation. Joining the dots up and making internet marketing work isn't as much difficult as it is about knowing what to do.

Technology still gives business owners the fear. It's not surprising given the disruptive nature. Technology associated with the internet and social interaction can be very disruptive and it's the unknown that scares people the most.
If your business is suffering and you want to learn more about how a website and social media marketing can help your business come to life call us today.

For a new company website and marketing package call 01827 714753 and discover how to bring customers to you! Get the marketing right and the sales will take care of itself.